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Lomi-Ausbildung auf La Gomera 2020

Blüten auf La Gomera

20. - 28. 06. 2020 - Aloha und Ho’oponopono im Täglichen Leben

mit Lei’ohu Ryder, Maydeen Iao und Margareta Makanaloa Kappl - La Gomera - 1250.- € - Anreise am 20. 06. 2020, beginnend am 21. 06. 2020

28. 06. - 10. 07. 2020 - "Lomi Ke ala Hoku® Retreat“ - Advanced Lomi Practitioner

La Gomera - Preis 1160.- € ( für Wiederholer 980.- € ) - Anreise am 29. 06. 2020, beginnend am 30. 06. 2020

12. - 26. 09. 2020 - Lomi Ke ala Hoku® Master Lomi Practitioner - La Gomera

1250.- € ( für Wiederholer 980.- € ) - Anreise am 13. 09. 2020, beginnend am 14. 09. 2020

Reise nach Hawai'i 2021 - HAWAI’I AINA 'ULA

Hawaii Reise 2014

Big Island und Kawai'i

vom 13. 03. - 04. 04. 2021 – nähere Infos zur Reise bitte anfordern

Ho'okipa / Margareta Kappl / Massageöle

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Awapuhi / Weiße Ingwerblüte aus Hawai‘i
Wapine-Awapuhi / weiße Ingwerblüte und Lemongras aus Hawai‘i
Tahitian Vanilla / Vanille aus Tahiti
Tahitian Vanilla-Cocos / Vanille aus Tahiti mit Kokosöl
Frangipani / Plumeria-Blüte aus Hawai‘i
Lilikoi / Passionsfrucht aus Hawai‘i
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Das Buch über Kahu Abraham Kawai'i – jetzt auf deutsch!

Titel des Buches über Kahu Abraham Kawai'i

Das Buch „Abraham Kawai'i: Eine kurze Geschichte über den Menschen, den Kahuna und die Kahuna Körperarbeit“ ist nun endlich auch auf deutsch erhältlich. Abraham Kawai'i war ein Kahuna oder „Native Hawaiian spiritual practitioner“. Das Buch erzählt seine Geschichte und stellt die Prinzipien seiner Ausbildung vor.
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Abraham Kawaiʻi: A Brief History of the Man, the Kahuna and Kahuna Bodywork

Das Buch

Abraham Kawaiʻi was a kahuna, or Native Hawaiian spiritual practitioner. This book tells the stories that he told about his early life and training as a kahuna, as well as how he adapted the principles of his own training in order to teach them to a non-Hawaiian audience. He is best known for the development of a style of bodywork known throughout the world as KahunaBodywork.

Cover – Abraham Kawaiʻi: A Brief History of the Man, the Kahuna and Kahuna Bodywork

Abraham grew up in a small fishing village on Hawaiʻi Island during a time of great change for Native Hawaiians. As a boy, he struggled to reconcile the traditional teachings of his grandmother and other kāhuna with the demands of Western life. It can be a challenge to express our core passions and dreams as we live a life in the modern world. To live in today's world and keep living his enthusiasm for his cultural heritage, Abraham developed teachings that can bridge that gap for any individual who wants to lead a life that is rich, adventurous, and fulfilling.

These are tales full of human achievement and the building of mana. They tell of a young man's journey to become a practicing kahuna in 1970ʻs Honolulu, and his later decision to teach kahunaprinciples to a worldwide audience. These stories also share the author's own experiences of what it was like to live and train with Abraham.

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